Glen Wutzke – President & Construction/Project Manager

Glen worked along with his father while he was in high school beginning on Saturdays and quickly learned not only carpentry skills but also took an interest in the accounting side of the business, which was very helpful to his mom, Elaine. Upon graduation from high school and a semester at University, Glen became very interested in the overall management of the projects that Alpha & Omega was involved in. He has been working within A & O since its beginnings but became President in 1998. Since that time, A & O has grown and developed its Residential construction management division as well as the Institutional/Commercial construction management division.

Fred Wutzke – Co-Founder & Manager of Equipment

Along with his wife, Elaine Wutzke, Fred is a founding member of Alpha & Omega Endeavors Incorporated. He began providing his clients with high quality finishing carpentry within mid and high-rise projects throughout the Vancouver area and Lower Mainland in 1977. He quickly developed ways to increase the number of units he was able to finish by creating efficient systems that were also known for their expert final outcomes. He also spent time teaching these skills to two of his sons – Glen and Greg Wutzke. Fred continued to work within the finishing carpentry area for many years and branched out into new home construction in the latter half of the 1980’s. In 1998, Fred and Elaine made the decision to take a step back from the day-to-day running of A & O and at that time Fred began to work part-time. He is presently ‘retired’ but continues to provide support to the A & O team by taking care of the equipment and small tools.