Joe Zabawa – Site Superintendent

Joe has been a valued team member of A&O since 2010 and comes with over 30 years of experience. He has worked locally, abroad, in public service, private sector, and owned his own full crew business.  Joe has a wide range of carpentry and construction skills, basic knowledge of; industrial electrical, boiler operations, refrigeration/air conditioning, plumbing, and locksmith. He is educated as a Journeyman Carpenter as well as in, Construction Management, Business Management, Home Inspections, and First Aid.  Living by the highest standards of integrity and quality, Joe is faithfully dedicated to providing exceptional service to our clients.

Tim Boughen – Site Superintendent

Tim joined the A & O team in 2013. He quickly showed his desire to work alongside our younger team members and has natural mentor/teacher abilities. He continues to provide support and supervision in both institutional and residential environments and his background in having owned and operated his own business is a great asset in providing our clients with expert advice and provision of construction services.

Elizabeth Smith – Office Manager

Elizabeth is the voice you will first hear when you call the A & O office and has been a part of the team since November 2017. Her background in bookkeeping & office management and the desire to work within a team environment is what brought Elizabeth to A & O. She is a valued team member and keeps track of the day-to-day flow of Alpha & Omega and everything to do with the office and accounting.

Monica Wutzke – Corporate Development

Monica has been a member of the A & O team since 1997 and is Glen’s wife.

After assisting with the accounting and bookkeeping areas of the company for many years Monica has moved into the area of client relations and corporate development. It has been her great pleasure to follow up with past clients and receive feedback from those willing to share their experiences in order to develop more client-centered services for the present and future.

Andrew Curtis

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Michaela Wutzke

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